24/7 Emergency Response

Incase of fire outbreaks, flooding and mould infestation call Select Maintenace Services Ontario Inc. We are there immedaitley after the Fire Department finsihes their work of stopping the fire or flood. We proceed to clean up your home or establishment SPOTLESS. 

Our staff adhere to all safety precuations and we are certified to remove mould from your home or establishment. We are very experienced in making sure that all items partly destroyed or savoured are cleaned with great care. 

In any emergency situation like this we know a client's frustration level and anxitey is very high. We hsave staff who are polite and have empathy to work with you like your own family would. We are attentive to your every need to clean up and to complete any interior renovation that can be completed in the shortest possible time.

Our response team is avaible 24 hours in a day - ON CALL. Unless otherwise stated we work all year round. You can count on us.

24/7 Emergency Expertise

  • Flood EMERGENCY clean up
  • Fire EMERGENCY clean up
  • Mould Remediation
  • Full damage repairs and restoration

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Expert Friendly Staff

  • Select Maintenance 24/7 Emergency Response team has been setup on ethics similar to any good fire department across Canada.

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